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Install and Activate HGIS on your computer

7,  8.1, 10,
 HGIS Win10.exe  Run this HGIS setup file on Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or Vista, as Administrator.
(You do not need any Windows Compatibility Modes with HGIS.)

Windows Mobile 
6.1 - 6.5,

Windows Embedded 6.5 

   HGIS CE10.cab         (Do not run this file on Windows 7, 8, Vista, 10, or XP)
Flash Card - Save file to memory card on desktop/laptop,
Move memory card to Handheld, open file on Handheld.
Microsoft Mobile Device Center (or ActiveSync 4.5) - Right Click, Save to Disk. Browser may say: Save Target As. (Some desktop computers show file as a folder). Just copy file or folder to Handheld (will appear as a file).  Run on handheld.
WiFi Connection - Download file using Handheld Browser and run on handheld.

Run HGIS after install is complete. This allows you to Activate HGIS.

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Dashes not required.

Release Notes:
(bugfix) TEXT issue with Labels on Lines and Geographic Text.
(bugfix) Export KML file with Ampersand in HGIS Map Layer Name caused problem in other App.
(bugfix) Export KML file with visible object Labels displayed incorrectly in other App.
(bugfix) Fix issues specific to Windows Embedded Operating System (WE v6.5 only).
(bugfix)  Import CSV files smaller than 100 bytes in size.
(improve) After fresh HGIS Install, user can select 6-32 Point for Label Size (Default = 8 Point).
(improve) Reduce number of mouse clicks when repeating common operations.
(improve) Clean up KML / KMZ file import from other Apps.
(improve) Attribute Name: Allow more characters in all file types. ". (% /)"
(improve) Open SHP File Draw Style: Remember Draw Styles from LastSession.
(improve) Allow KML, DBF, and User Numeric entries having a ',' Decimal Mark (Input only).
(improve) SensorTrack continues logging during File...Open... Dialog screen
(feature) Tell user how to decompress and open KMZ files in HGIS.
(feature) Allow Edit DBF Files in MS.Excel or OpenOffice.Calc (Only edit cell values in the spreadsheet).
 1) Save DBF or SHP, 2) Open in Excel/Calc 3) Edit 4) Save as DBF  5) Open DBF in HGIS
 2) Save DBF or SHP, 2) Open in Excel/Calc 3) Edit 4) Save as CSV 5) Open CSV in HGIS
 3) Do not alter ROW 1 in Spreadsheet. Do not swap/delete any Rows if part of a SHP File set 

V10.30 June 2014
Post-XP Release (Old Operating Systems "Windows XP", "Windows Mobile 5", or older no longer tested or supported.)
(feature) Recognize combined Dualem+GPS on GPS Port and initiate Subsecond logging with Dualem Sensors.
(feature) Add support NMEA 0183 v3.x native GLONASS, GNSS, and GPS+GLONASS receivers.
(feature) Allow up to 9 External USB Switches (such as Game Footswitches) as program Hotkeys.
(improved) Allow user to resize Navigation Screen on Windows 7 / 8.1.
(improved) Import non-standard SHP files from foreign App (file sent in by Centra Sota).
(bugfix) Fix Course and Speed updates when using 10 Hertz GPS Receivers.
(bugfix) Restore missing features for some versions of HGIS (Ruler and Save Outline).
(bugfix) Paste Image from Clipboard didn't work correctly with some image sizes.
(improved) Remove Write Image Corner File failure message when closing images pasted from clipboard.
(bugfix) ECWP Web Images, fix GeoTag location parameter usage.
Label Fontsize didn't get set correctly on first Point after AutoID.

V10.23 February 2014
Last HGIS Release tested on Windows XP
(bugfix) Edit: Unpaired Cut/Paste operations (while switching Toolbox mode).
(bugfix) KML files (Polygon Transparency and Grid Layers).
(improved) MIF files. Polyline import from non-standard GIS Apps.
(improved) Polygon fill on Windows Mobile 6.5
(improved) Automatically update Image Georeference (Corner) files on Exit.

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