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Windows  7, Vista, XP
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  Handheld Geographic Information Systems

For selected Tablets, Handhelds, Netbooks, and SmartPhones

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HGIS Full Function Demo
SensorTrack Logging Solutions
Data Acquisition, GPS Mapping,
Soil Sampling

HGIS GPS BASIC (Full Specifications)
Basic Soil Sampling, Weed Scouting, Insurance Mapping, ....
Collect GPS Points, Lines, Field Boundaries, or Coverage maps
Create Target Grids, Navigate to Points
Return to previously collected points
Open and Save SHP, MIF, KML, DBF and Project files
Create Attribute Templates and Picklists in the Office
Saves time in the field 
Measure Distance, Area, Field Perimeter
(See product below for additional edit and print features.)
Connect to Sprayer Switch for Product Coverage Mapping.
HGIS PLUS  (GPS Basic +  Edit, and Print)
 Full Specifications
For the more advanced user.
All the features of HGIS GPS BASIC plus:
Color Theme Data sets (such as Yield data)
Calculate Net Area of fields with Ponds and Terraces
Advanced  Grid Sample Target Generation
View JPG/ECW/JP2/SID/BMP Satellite Images (DOQs)
Georeference your own Images (or use World Files)
Print maps from Desktop
Advanced Editing Features with Undo: 
Add, Subtract, Split, and Crop Field Boundaries
Create Management Zones with Sample Targets 
HGIS GPS PROFESSIONAL (Full Specifications)
All the features above plus:

SensorTrackTM automatically records geophysical Sensor Data (Included)
Up to 15 channels RS-232 data, up to 100 samples / second
Log up to 10 GPS fixes per second (requires 10 Hz GPS)
Geophysical Sensors Include:
Honeywell Compass/Magnetometer, Bar Code Scanners, Chlorophyll meters, GEONICS and DUALEM EC meters,
 Depth Sounders,  Laser Rangefinders, and many others... 

Contour Map Generation  (Included)
Create contour maps from Data sets
such as Space Images, Yield, EC, or Penetrometer data.
2-20 Contour Ranges with multiple color themes

Irrigation Center Pivot Design Tool (Included)
Determines center of field, length of pivot required. 
Calculates area covered with and without End Gun or Retractable Arm
PRO Wiper Pivot Tool (Extra Cost Option)

Download Release
Version 10.x
Windows 7, 8, 10
+Windows Mobile v6-v5
Previous Release
Version 9.52

Windows  7, 8, Vista
+Windows Mobile v6+v5
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